Fireproof Measures for wall switches

- Oct 14, 2017-

Safety is the most important, before disaster development must be prevented good, especially in the life of the use of wall switch sockets, must pay attention to switch socket fire precautions, generally have the following points:

1, the use of the environment, the kitchen switch socket with protection box, bathroom bathroom is heavier than water vapor, to use a waterproof switch socket or add protection box. In some extreme environments, such as flammable and explosive occasions, switch sockets even to do riot.

2, pay attention to switch socket load, in the actual use of switch sockets, the actual current voltage parameters must be less than the nominal value of the switch socket, no overload work, otherwise it will lead to serious short circuit will cause fire.

3, switch socket installation environment, switch sockets as far as possible to avoid installation in the humid place, even the bathroom waterproof switch socket can not be installed on the side of the faucet, otherwise it may cause leakage shock.

4, switch socket wiring, 0 line FireWire ground to the street corresponding to the wiring column, otherwise there will be an electric shock hazard.