Production Technology of Wall switch

- Oct 14, 2017-

First is the injection molding, the wall switch molding relies on the main color, plastic injection products, the various parts through the water mouth connected together, the next step is to Xiushui mouth, you can also after the surface treatment will be separated products.

Surface treatment: Plastic surface treatment A lot, often see the plastic plating, sandblasting, fuel injection, flocking (flocking should be counted as a fuel injection), as follows:

Sandblasting process: Plastic parts can be melted surface, flow white and other undesirable phenomenon, simple process, but after processing the surface of the product even, high-grade. The equipment used is a sandblasting machine.

Plastic fuel injection: As the name suggests, is on the plastic surface spraying a layer of paint, relative to the cost of electroplating is lower, but to achieve good adhesion, but also before processing, spraying, baking paint and other links, many links need to be done in the dust-free workshop, Surface treatment also includes screen printing, transfer printing, etc.