Repair method of five-hole wall socket

- Oct 14, 2017-

1. Put the plug shell screws open, after the plug is loosened, to reconnect the wire to connect the screws, if there is no screw a kind of rubber plug, to take out the plug in the inside, the wire and plug when the pressure is good, after processing, the plug of the two pieces of the tablet to put the person plug.

2. The root line of the plug in the insulation layer after breaking, will cause the power after the break failure, then you have to plug the head of the wire to cut a section, the wire and plug to connect the rear can be used.

3. When the power is finished, open the socket screw to open the switch socket lid, with a sharp tip clamp the plug of the two copper pieces clamp some, so that plug touch chip plug in people can have contact.

4. After opening the wall on the open switch socket, reconnect the power cord of the socket and tighten the screws.