Seven kinds of safety problems in sockets

- Oct 14, 2017-

First, the socket is flammable pressure or dust into a short circuit, or installed in the inflammable and explosive dangerous place, inserting or unplugging the plug generated sparks caused by explosion fire;

Second, plug damage not timely replacement, with bare head instead of plug use, resulting in short circuit or spark, causing combustible things fire;

The third to first of the bedside switch after the use of a place, switch impact on the bedstead or wall and the external insulation layer damage, very likely to cause short circuit;

The working voltage and working current of the household appliances do not match the power of the socket, and the long term overload will cause fire when the temperature is too high;

The improper installation of the switch, especially the switch placed on the combustible object, once the lead point of the sheath is scraped, will make the wire core exposed or water vapor infiltration, causing short-circuit, or switch off when the arc caused by the fire;

Six, the distribution board is not placed in the junction box, Fuse fusing will have a hot metal particles splash, resulting in combustible material burning;

When the combustible gas of the household is leaked by the pipeline or valve, so that the combustible gas and air can be mixed to a certain limit, the electric switch without eliminating the ARC device will produce sparks.