The characteristics of photoelectric switch

- Oct 14, 2017-

Photoelectric switch is a kind of sensor, it converts the intensity and strength of the light between the transmitter and receiver into the change of current to achieve the purpose of detection, because the photoelectric switching output circuit and the input circuit are electrically isolated (ie, electrical insulation), so it can be used in many occasions.

The new generation optoelectronic switching devices manufactured by integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mount technology have the functions of delay, broadening, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable work area and self-diagnosis.

This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system type electronic switch using pulse modulation, it uses the cold light source has the infrared light, the red light, the green light and the blue light and so on, can not contact, without damage quickly and control all kinds of solids, liquids, transparent, blackbody, soft body and smoke and other substances state and movement, with small size , many functions, long life, high precision, fast response, long detection distance, and strong ability of resisting light, electric and magnetic interference.