The purchase of pressure switch

- Oct 14, 2017-

1. The necessity of explosion-proof: explosion-proof form is divided into Flameproof type and the security type, Nagano products are mostly flameproof type.

2. Need with instructions: according to customer instructions.

3. Contact Number: One contact (one output) or two contacts (two outputs).

4. Determination of setting value and pressure range: the recommended range is between 30%-65% of the pressure range and can be set to 15%-90% of the pressure range.

5. In the form of the error: adjustable or fixed type.

6. Is there a pulsation: if the pressure is pulsating or vibrating, a throttle valve is required to suppress the damage to the instrument by pulsating pressure.

7. The situation with the diaphragm: the determination of corrosive, high viscosity or excessive temperature, the need to choose the diaphragm.